Fine Electric Skateboards from Long Haired Boy

  • Custom styling. This one is red on black, but you can have whatever you want.


What’s happening at the shop

Things can get busy when you’re doing it all yourself! Keep up with everything that’s happening in my crazy skate lab.

build stories: @menwaylo’s orange and blue Scarlet Classic

the drama, heartache, and reward of an orange and blue build for @menwaylo

How to notch your new electric skateboard motors for pulleys in under two minutes

Its easy. All you need is a Dremel, a cutting wheel, and a mostly steady hand. There's even a video.

Bare Metal: Stripping Anodize From Your Aluminum Motor Mounts

Learn how to strip the color anodize from aluminum parts using only a common household cleaner, a small brush, and an old plastic food container. Because who wants somebody else's color choice mucking up their aesthetic?

Complete Builds Temporarily Suspended While Scarlet Continues Development

Don't worry, they'll be back soon, and in the meantime development will continue on the Scarlet platform. And of course all the quality parts are still here. Stay tuned.

Smashing Glass: How to grip your skateboard deck with coke bottles

Don't just drink that glorious Mexican coke in the bottle that's made with real cane suger. Save the bottles and smash them into skateboard grip! What could be more awesome than a sick ass steeze machine covered in broken bottles?

building my own longboard deck press: part 3

In part three of this now three part series, i go to Lowes and fill my cart with lumber, then proceed to build the nastiest wooden skateboard deck press the garage has ever seen.


Digital Death: Broken Album And Music Video Finally Released

Behold! I finally finished that music video I’ve been telling everyone about. You probably thought I was never going to finish it, didn’t you. Well… your face. Let me present to you the official music video for Digital Death’s Self-Destruct-O-Con. It only took me a year to make this thing. I’ve been busy! What do you want from me? Don’t forget to buy this song along with the three others from this short but very intense album. Perfect for rage skating down the bike trails on that fancy new electric skateboard I built for you. Links below the video.


Music Downloads for Broken

They’re only a buck! Free instant delivery on all music purchases! Also, full songs with visuals are available for listens on the item pages before you buy, so you know what you’re getting. Think its crap? Keep your money. I didn’t like you much anyway.