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let me build you a custom electric longboard

Want one of these? I'll build you one, but this one's mine. That's a Bustin Deck on some Caliber 2's with 82mm ABEC 11 Flywheels.

Want one of these? I’ll build you one, but this one’s mine. That’s a Bustin Deck on some Caliber 2’s with 82mm ABEC 11 Flywheels.

Maybe you already have a longboard and you’re ready for something new, like less pushing and more gliding. Maybe you just want to cruise around in style and turn some heads. Maybe you’re looking for a commuter vehicle that will let you have some fun and take the bike paths to work instead of being stuck in traffic burning gas made from dinosaur shit. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re insane like me and just want to go stupid fast on paved bike trails for no other reason than you like the way adrenaline feels and you love the way the wind whips through your long and beautiful hair.

This is 2015 and we still don’t have real hover boards as seen in the Back To The Future movies, but you can have the next best thing. You can have your very own electric longboard built to your specifications. How is that possible? I’ll build it myself in my garage using only the best components that the international DIY electric skateboard community has to offer.


Yes, but are you serious? Serious about using minuscule amounts of electricity that you’ve already paid for instead of buying gas for your commute? Serious about experiencing the exhilarating ride? Serious about having more fun than you’ve ever had on a longboard? Serious about wearing a helmet because these things are fast? Seriously, always wear a helmet. And pads. Fractured elbows are painful, and pizza knee is only attractive to other skaters, which may not be a problem for you.

I’m listening…

Start by selecting a longboard deck with a wheelbase longer than 22 inches from your favorite board shop, then tell me about your riding style. Want to climb hills without a care or go mind numbingly fast? Maybe just want to cruise around casually and have a lot of range? Maybe a little of both for the commute to work? Based on your needs, I can select the right components for you and let you know how much its going to cost. If everything is good, I can accept payment via paypal, order all the parts, build your system and have it delivered to you within a few short weeks.

Your system will be built to order specifically for you and your riding style on the deck you picked out. There is no mass produced non-sense going on here. These are cutting edge components developed by people who love electric longboarding and want to share that love with you.

Ok, how do we get started?

We start with a conversation about how you’re going to ride. Want to go fast? Want to go far? Commuting to work? Lots of hills in your area? Just want to have fun and don’t need the most expensive build? Need to satisfy that speed itch and only the most grossly over-powered electric rocket stick will do? Tell me all about it.  Just fill out the contact form below and click send. Include your full name, email address, a link to the deck you want me to use, and a little bit about your riding style and what you want from your board. And don’t forget how you heard about us; that’s sort of important, or so they tell me. I’ll be in touch with you via email and we’ll be on our way to making all of your friends insanely jealous.

the music

what you are about to hear is music that i have recorded in my home studio. for me, music is more of an experiment and creative release than an all consuming drive. over the years i have used several different techniques and software packages (currently i'm using Cubase) to record a few albums, and my sound and production quality has evolved accordingly. what doesn't seem to ever change, however, is the flavor. all of it is distinctly digital death. i hope you enjoy listening to it as much as i enjoyed creating it.

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about long haired boy

this is me

the run down

There’s not a lot to tell. I like to record music and lay in the hot tub, though I’ve never recorded music from within the hot tub. I have recorded music from inside a shower, however. Not that any of this would help you decrypt the enigma that is me.

I also like to write when I get the chance. As you can probably tell, I don’t get that chance very often. I’m not a compulsive updater or an over sharer. I’m not on Facebook anymore and my twitter is about dead, but I do still like to write when the urge hits me. Therefore, this blog.

Recording music and sharing it is something I’ve been doing for quite some time now. Currently I’m using Cubase, but in the past I’ve used everything from Reason to Fruityloops in conjunction with Cool Edit Pro. I have music on iTunes, Spotify, and a number of other places if you want to take it with you, but feel free to listen to it here at no cost.

Enjoy the site.