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brothers’ wall of sound ipod speaker system

brothers has built the most insane ipod speaker system ever conceived by man. this thing is so over the top ridiculous that i had to read all the specs twice.

brothers wall of sound
seriously, what the fuck?

this behemoth is called the wall of sound. it weighs 102 kilos (224 pounds) and looms in at 37″ high, 49″ wide, and almost 12″ deep.

wos tube amp
well, it does have a silky smooth tube amp in it

its tube amplified, generating a smooth frequency response from 40Hz to 20kHz, and i’ll bet the sound is warm as hell. however, with what appears to be 28 speakers being pushed by about 125 watts, its probably going to knock things off your coffee table from across the room.

brothers wos ipod speaker
unless i miscounted, that's 28 speakers

each unit is handmade and will set you back almost $5ooo. if you really need to have this monster in your living room and would rather not simply set your money on fire, you can get one over at the the wos experience.

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