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build your own guitar using popsicle sticks

popsicle stick guitar
this is just too crazy awesome. i must play it.

an unusually clever person known as busupholstery has built an acoustic guitar completely out of popsicle sticks. it took about 2000 of them to piece it all together. he claimes it doesn’t play like a martin, but i’ll bet it sounds just dandy for an entirely homemade acoustic guitar comprised of only the leftovers from summer time memories, a piece of a dog’s chew toy, and a few other items.

that’s right, a dog’s chew toy. the nut, which is the part down near the tuning pegs that keep the strings parallel and off of the fret board, was made from a slice of a bone the dog liked to chomp on. other ingredients included various bits such as tuning pegs, a piece of a cheese grater, and lots and lots of glue. check out the video:

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