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cat rages on innocents who really aren’t that innocent

sometimes you’re on the webs just derping around looking for cats being awesome when you find something horrible like this story. at first you’re like “holy shit its a rabid beast that must be dealt with immediately!” but then you actually read the story and find out the terrible truth. that truth is that once again, some panicky asshole is reflexively mistreating an animal that is only reacting to what appears to be legitimate provocation.

i’m not saying that i’m a cat, but if i was, i would have reacted the same way. even if i was a human being with a tail, i still would have slapped that baby for yanking it. you can’t expect to yank tails without consequence. the cat was acting in the capacity of a valued family member and was taking appropriate action. the cat was teaching that dumbass baby a very valuable life lesson. that lesson was that if you grab a motherfucker’s tail, you will get slapped like a gropey ass sailor. next time, dumbass will be less likely to grab a tail, and the lesson can be considered to have been learned. time to move on to the next lesson, like don’t put dead cockroaches in your mouth.

but what does red-neck dad-of-the-year do while stepping in to appropriately handle the situation? he kicks the cat. gee, if grabbing a motherfucker’s tail is something that requires gob-swatting, then what the hell does a gut-punt get you? well, apparently the cat “went into a rage” forcing everyone, including the fucking dog, to cower in a room with the door closed and call the police. again, i’m not saying that i’m a cat, but for fuck’s sake if you yank my tail and punt me, i’m also likely to fly into a rage. especially after working so hard to impart my wisdom of the world unto your stinky ass, tail-yanking heathen of an offspring.

luckily, if you want to see it that way, the family was safe and sound. the cat, however, was locked in a cage and “returned to the family”, whatever that means. i’m from mississippi, so i tend to think that means they now lock the poor bastard out in the cold most of the time if they haven’t either put it to sleep or dropped it off at a rest area near the state line.

its a brave new world for domestic cats as there appears to be a sort of uprising at hand. with the leadership of heroes like this fellow, i think maybe cats everywhere will take a cue and stop taking shit from ignorant people.


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