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chilean earthquake makes your day shorter

the chilean earthquake was so massive that it actually tilted the earth three inches off axis, changed its shape, and caused us to lose 1.26 microseconds of our day. that’s all very impressive considering the human race didn’t die in the process. here’s world renowned scientist michio kaku to explain the whole thing to us mere mortals using an infamous figure skater as a visual aid:

so now we know nancy kerrigan can not only skate beutifully but can also illustrate how a chilean earthquake made the earth spin faster.

nancy kerrigan
nancy kerrigan doing her super eartquake skate spin finish

so in summery, nancy kerrigan’s arms are crust from the earth, our work week is not shorter, and we will not be walking around tilted to the left. i feel a lot better now knowing that the only horrible side effect i have to look forward to is the possibility of atomic clocks and geo location devices having to reset themselves on occasion for fear of being terribly wrong at some point in the future.

One thought on “chilean earthquake makes your day shorter

  1. Have anyone noticed that earthquake is a bit frequent these days? . Does climate change have any thing to do with earthquake?

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