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Complete Builds Temporarily Suspended While Scarlet Continues Development


They’re back. You’re welcome.


Unfortunately due to various legal and liability considerations I’m suspending all complete builds until some time in the (hopefully near) future. This is just a minor setback, as I have every intention of building and selling complete electric skateboards. This is, after all, LHB Fine Electric Skateboards, not Fine Electric Skateboard Parts, Apparel, and Accessories. I will continue to sell these Fine Electric Skateboard parts, however, and more parts will be added as the search for quality and high end boutique small shop and garage parts continues.

My plan is to use the time between now and then to not only get all my business and legal concerns ironed out, but also to further develop  the Scarlet platform as an ideal platform for DIY builders as well as eboard racing and just riding enthusiasts. Developing this platform was the idea behind pressing my own decks to begin with, and I have not lost sight of that goal.

Scarlet is moving forward and will join the next generation of electric skateboard platforms very soon with plenty of composite goodness. What is she bringing to the table? I’m taking  the original 7 layers of hard rock maple and reinforcing them with carbon fiber and Kevlar in both woven fabrics and honeycombs to both control twist and greatly reduce flex. When paired with form fitting, high impact ultralight composite enclosures designed to work seamlessly with the deck, Scarlet will indeed be a formidable competitor in both the DIY scene and completes market as both a high end casual cruiser and a racing platform.

So here’s to the future of eboarding. It’s going to be an exciting year, regardless of any minor setbacks.

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