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cops busted playing wii during raid

some cops in lakeland, fl were caught playing a bowling game on a nintendo wii belonging to the drug dealer they just busted… during a raid on the dealer’s home.

they had no idea they were being watched. it seems like an especially dumb-ass move for any alleged professional, however, so i’m wondering if they’ll see any serious consequences.

but is this any different that the stuff we’ve always known that they do anyway? sure its wrong.. but when we were kids, and they took our beer or pot or pills or whatever we managed to get our hormonal teenage paws on for the weekend, did any of us actually think it all got turned in? no. we all knew they kept our weed, drank our beer, and when things went missing out of our cars during “routine checks”, we dared not complain about it. especially if we got off with a warning.

but now its on tape. now the time for assumption is over. now it fucking matters. maybe next time they’ll catch some uniform pocketing a bag of coke or a handful of cash.

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