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doom ressurection

doom ressurection screen shot
getting my ass kicked in an id game on the iphone rocks

somebody was kind enough to point out that doom: resurrection was now available in the app store a few days ago. i was forced by my love for all things by Id Software to immediately purchase and download it.

i’ve never played a rail shooter before, so i wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve played all kinds of other crap on my phone, however. everything from wolfenstein 3d to idracula to pac-man has made it on here, so i’m no stranger to gaming on the iphone.

as soon as i started it up it asked me to reboot the phone before i played it for the first time. after seeing the familiar recycled graphics from doom3, i rebooted the phone and started it back up.

the menu looks so much like doom3 that i felt like i knew what to expect. as soon as the story started and i found myself on the guided violence and blood tour that apparently makes this game a rail shooter, i was hit with an almost comical conversation display.

still graphics slide in from the left and right while cartoon bubbles are gradually filled in with text. oh no! our technology went apeshit! hell came through our teleports! what are we going to do? lets shoot some shit!

after the obvious parody of it’s own franchise is done, you are then sent along the path to shoot anything it turns you toward. believe it or not, there is a duck and cover system, multiple weapons, and eventually you get the chainsaw, the greatest weapon ever invented. unlimited ammo in your primary weapon and using the accelerometer to aim make it a lot of fun. headshots kill faster than body shots, and some weapons work better on some enemies than others. other than the rail part and the comic book style dialog, it pretty much is doom3.

all in all i’m pretty satisfied with it so far. was it worth the ten bucks? hard to say, i’m not done playing it yet. i’ve managed to shoot my way into hell, but i keep getting text messages popping up from people who think i’m a dork for playing doom on my phone.

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