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dumpster love goes rotten

a kansas couple decided they wanted to hop into a trash bin for a few minutes of dirty dumpster love but quickly found themselves at the business end of a pervy old peeping thug’s pocket knife. the thug and his partner in crime made out with casanova’s wallet, some shoes, and other belongings, but ended up getting caught later and the belongings were returned.

who the hell does it in a dumpster? alright so when we were teenagers, we would take it wherever we could get it, but that’s only because we didn’t have the luxury of a bed when we were trying to avoid cops and parents and had no idea when we would get another opportunity. we also had absolutely no control over our hormonal impulses. but somewhere, somebody is thinking to themselves how amazingly sensual and erotic it would be to get naked and roll around in garbage with another equally naked and insane individual.

i’m almost scared to take my trash out. what if my trash overflows onto my kitchen floor and i have to wade through banana peels and passionately destroyed copies of the movie “doom” simply because i don’t want to unwittingly walk onto the set of dumpster debbie and the garbage men? if you can think it, somebody somewhere is getting thier rocks off by doing it. wow.

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