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e-stalker: the rest of the story

September was an interesting month this time around. It started off with me losing my rent check and having to go into the bank and sit there for 2 hours while a less than competent employee of Wells Fargo struggled through the process of replacing an official check. I’ve never seen so many damned forms in my life. It really made me question weather or not the security provided to me by paying my rent in that fashion is actually worth it. But that was just the beginning. September also found me locked in battle for my own assigned parking space with the residents of the apartment building next door. And their abundantly immature and grotesquely inconsiderate friends and relatives. I became intimately familiar with the process of having tow trucks remove vehicles from my spot. In that respect, it was almost fun.

But September also found me the target of a rather interesting person’s obsession. As I said in a previous post, I have no idea who this individual is. But so far our hero and his band of miscreants have managed to make every attempt to make my life less than pleasant.

It all started the first week in September when I got an email from Zoe International thanking me for my generous charitable contribution of $500 and informing me that they were having trouble processing the transaction. I immediately responded via email letting them know that i did not in fact make any such donation, then called my bank and told them what was going on. Apparently my stalkerĀ  had my debit card and bank account numbers and used them on September 4th to fraudulently donate money in my name to not only Zoe, but also another charity called Teen Missions International. These two donations totaled $1000 and could have really screwed things up for me. Fortunately neither of them cleared. After speaking with the charities and realizing what type of merchant accounts they were using and what those types require to process a transaction, I became painfully aware that I was saved by my stalker’s dyslexic transposition of the numbers in my street address. Needless to say all of the bank account information that is apparently out there in the wild is no longer valid; I’ve closed those accounts.

I was one of the lucky ones here. Other victims of this type of fraud haven’t been so lucky. In at least some of these cases, the money cleared the accounts and the victim was left wondering what the hell happened long after the money was gone. Fortunately in some of those cases, the charities were nice enough to credit the money back.

That was when the password reset requests started flooding in. Over the next couple of weeks I was hit with a ludicrous number of password reset authorization emails from just about every online service I’ve ever used. Facebook, Google hosted email, Gmail, Twitter, and even Tumblr. They even registered a Twitter account using my Gmail address. You can follow it @damonwood99. I keep hoping they’ll post something awesome like how much I love goat porn, or at least photoshopped nudie pix of me, but so far the account seems to be dormant. They never actually got into any of my accounts, but instead started sending me all kinds of fun stuff from Hoaxmail. I posted most of those and my retorts to them in an open letter to my e-stalker.

The emails are still coming in from Hoaxmail, addressed to me and my ex-girlfriend and also spoofed so that they look like they were sent from me and her using a number of our personal email accounts. The latest game appears to be sending me and my ex Blind Carbon Copies of the same emails to both of us. I can only assume this is to figure out if we’re still communicating or to see if either of us will react in some new and interesting way.

So what am I doing about this? Well really the only thing I can do. I’ve been filing complaints with the FBI, and frequently updating those complaints with new information as I receive it. I’m not going to hunt them down or waste my energy obsessing over this. In fact, I’ve found it to be somewhat entertaining and it has even given me and my friends some really good laughs. Whoever this is will eventually either quit or get caught. What they will not do is cost me any sleep.

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