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etsy screws the privacy pooch

you want your privacy settings to look like this, unless you want that dildo you bought and the fact that you bought it to show up on google.

well it looks like another site went social without consideration for your purchasing privacy. apparently some people’s purchasing history made it into google’s search results, thanks to an epic fail on the part of, one of my favorite sites. to compound the issue, their new privacy policy defaults to leaving your profile, purchasing history, and favorites a matter of public record.

there is nothing good about this, and frankly i’m getting sick of having to clean up my privacy preferences every few months as the sites i use change their policies and defaults. but having to adjust my settings now and then is nothing compared to the embarrassment some people are going to experience when they realize that some of the more personal items they are favoriting and purchasing might be showing up on google next to their name.

this is just another episode in a long and disturbing trend of sites going social and mucking it up. if this is a sign of our society evolving into utter transparency and harmony, it will be met like any other utopian ideal: with a shot to the head. people want their privacy. when they want to share, they want to do it on their own terms, and rightly so. no one should have that level of control over your personal information but you.

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