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fast food behind education cuts

the smart people know that we have to pay taxes in order to fund things like police departments and schools and libraries. the fucking morons of the world think that the feds just want to swallow your paycheck whole so they can go sail their government yachts and fund mind control research and super soldier military projects. well, sure they want to invest in mind control and roid rage machine gun experts, but we need that stuff.

but far more sinister is the plot i’ve recently uncovered on a more local level. governors prey on the simple working class who need their cash by promising tax cuts of all types. but when they are elected, the place that gets cut the hardest is education related programs. teacher salaries, phys-ed equipment, sports, books, computers and all kinds of other critical shit is the first to go. why do you think that is? i have the answer.

fast food chains have the highest employment turnover and as the tech age progresses and people become more savvy, nobody wants to flip their burgers. the only solution is to make our kids as stupid as possible by denying them almost every opportunity they have to learn and grow in school. kids with low expectations and no real desire to succeed are far more likely to succumb to the temptation of the promise of a management position that starts with mopping the floors of a roach infested stock room.who needs a degree when you can’t out-score roadkill on your exams and some balding middle aged looser is filling your head with dreams of a golden name tag.

in a dark lobby in some shady high dollar hotel some burger exec and your governor swapped value meals for a futer filled with ignorance. if we can keep america fat and stupid they thought, we can keep america strong. war and ignorance is good for capitalism. spend more than you earn, eat more than you weigh, and by god somebody has to be there to serve me my super sized combo.

if these kids get too smart, the franchises can’t keep the shifts filled. if they can’t produce, they close. without the almighty burger, america won’t stay fat, stupid and malleable.

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  1. you eat cookie cheese from my leftover goodwill pants . so you can tell that catholic priest to put away his “KAY WHY” and start going to the library .

    the wisdom of the brother

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