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feds won’t buy your weed

i just read on the ap wire that several states are looking to drug test welfare recipients. this would include food stamps, tanf, and wic. at first glance, it seems reasonable to do something like this because nobody wants the hard earned cash that the feds yank out of their check to burn up in some crack head’s coke can.

an effective drug test can cost $400 or more, but that isn’t my issue. my issue is that they don’t know for certain that somebody’s broke ass grandma is spending federal funds on her ganj. what if granny has a little side operation selling her pain pills to buy her sweet leaf? what if she’s growing it in her closet from seeds she bought on some foreign website? what if she steals it from the neighborhood teenagers?

there should be some kind of ‘grandma gets a free pass’ clause in here somewhere. the destitute elderly deserve to puff up the magic dragon whenever they damn well please.

the repercussions of cutting the federally dependant golden year population off the grass cold turkey could be utterly catastrophic. angry old people flooding dollar stores and grocery marts is not something i would want to have to deal with on a sunday afternoon while i’m trying to re-up my cheetos.

this plan has very obviously not been completely thought out, but I’m sure obama’s already on it.

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