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fox news is hilarious

its better than any late night show. its fox news. last night i watched in hysteria as they actually spent the time and cash to report about a woman sheriff who’s living with her state trooper ex husband. you read that right, she’s living with her ex husband.

apparently the woman was accused by some other dumb bitch of ‘harassing’ her. the other dumb bitch tried to get a restraining order but the judge denied it saying that it takes two ‘violent’ situations within a six month period to warrant a restraining order. according to the other dumb bitch, the woman sheriff went out of her way to ‘harass’ her at the mall by wandering by, looking at her, and fiddling with her gun.

oh the horror. the staring.. and the going out of the way. what is a drama queen to do? but what cop doesn’t fiddle with thier gun? any cop will tell you that they constantly check thier gear. they also have eyes, and use them.

but none of that stacks up to the total hilarity of what the ‘investigator’ for fox said about them waiting for word on what the sheriff was actually doing at the mall, as well as info about an incident the sheriff was involved in 10 fucking years ago.

i’m not even going to mention the reporter’s hot pink shirt and black and white polka dot tie. ok, maybe i will. on a 46″ flat panel, that guy’s shirt jumped out and slapped me in the face with a cold wet piece of chicken.

i’ve come to the conclusion that fox basically hangs around in the trailer park waiting for something to happen so they can headline it.

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