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get your own arc reactor just like iron man’s

there he was in a cave in the desert. all he had was a pile of junk and an iq of a hundred bajillion. shrapnel was mere microns from puncturing his heart and ending his life, so what does he do? he bulds an electromagnet to keep the junk in his chest from doing anything and then creates the most futuristic mind nummingly impossible energy generator to power it using crap laying around. basically, he makes mcgyver look like an idiot.

now you can have this amazing bit of technology on your desk for about $150.

iron man's arc reactor
iron man's arc reactor. it fits on your desk and makes people jealous.

think geek is selling it and you can make all your friends jealous by flaunting this display case of awesomeness. you can even take it out of its case, cut a hole in your shirt, pretend you’re about to die in the desert, and hot glue it to your chest for that authentic survival rush feeling. just don’t forget to change the batteries, and don’t expect girls to mistake you for a trillion-air and throw their scantily clad bodies at you.

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