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grilling sausage in your steel toilet

when your in the big house, sometimes you have to make do with what you have. there aren’t any pool side backyard grilles or lazy sunday afternoons to hang out and barbecue. when all you’ve got is snack sausage and a stainless steel toilet, you have to get creative.

i have no idea what they were burning to get the heat going or what they were using for a grille, but an inmate at the prison on Washington’s Olympic Penninsula decided he was going to give it a shot. at some point, however, things went awry because smoke was spotted coming from a sewer vent pipe.

unfortunately noone got to hang out in his cell and have a few laughs over beer and sausage because as soon as the smoke was spotted they evacuated the prison. bummer. the only thing that was missing was a ball game and a drunken uncle hitting on somebody’s teenager.

but what was he using to fuel the bbq bowl? my first thought is that this was an exercise in harnessing the culinary powers of sewer gas, but there must have been something else. toilet paper? a cell mate’s back hair? old issues of prison life? some things might be better left unanswered.

2 thoughts on “grilling sausage in your steel toilet

  1. you are a seriously demented dude . makes me proud to know that you escaped without being caught . just ignore those sirens, they are not after you , they are coming to rescue your neighbor’s cat from the dryer
    see you on planet xanax.
    love bryan

  2. glad i can be of help

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