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honda 3r-c concept trike

honda 3r-c concept trike
honda's 3r-c concept trike looks all futury and stuff

honda’s latest eco-green-earth-friendly concept trike looks like something out of an episode of Ghost in the Shell. Its an all electric battery powered vehicle featuring high stability and high visibility. despite the fact that its easily seen, i’m sure somebody is going to mow one down while texting pictures of thier junk from the safety of their now discontinued hummer.

the stability comes from the low center of gravity created by weight of the drive train, which is located at the very bottom of the chassis. the high sides make it easier to see on the road, and the clear canopy will keep you dry.

honda 3rc concept, rear view
from the back it looks almost like a mutant cyborg girbil holding a food pellet

i imagine honda is targeting somewhat short range commuters with this one, although i’d be hard pressed to find anyone willing to drive that on the interstate here. how far you can go on a single charge is also uncertain, but i’m willing to bet you can get a good deal for parking since it would fit almost anywhere. look for it at the upcoming geneva motor show.

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