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horse stuck in tree funds college

yeah, sounds like a load of shit, but its probably not what you think. the horse actually got its head stuck in the crack of an old tree. looking at the video, it seems like the tree just reached out and swallowed the horse’s head.that would actually be a lot cooler in my opinion, but i’ll take what i can get when it comes to shit that actually interests me.

but unlike a bunch of dumb red necks who could have just used this to fill any given drunken evening with partially exxagerated and wholly unbeleivable banter, they chose to be smart about it and used it to fund thier daughter’s schooling. they copyrighted the imagery of the horse’s head stuck in the tree and started collecting on it.

let this be a lesson to the closed minded individuals who would have us beleive that a horse stuck in a tree is nothing more than a glue stick. you never know what will insure your children’s education in this economy.

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