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jet turbine speakers will blow women’s clothes off

SWSpeakers has created something that looks like it would deafen a termite. This is the Magic Flute, the result of years of research and engineering. here’s what they have to say about it:

The Magic Flute is the result after many years of acoustic study and engineering calculations. It represents the ultimate sound quality combined with a unique loudspeaker design. The special “infinite” design of the fibre carbon made cabinets are acoustical optimized and make it possible to produce extremely accurate fluctuations in air pressure making.

i’m a serious fan of “air pressure making”, so i think i’m in love here. these magical monoliths are made from a carbon fiber composite and stand about 155cm. that’s european for about 5 feet tall, give or take an inch.

turbine speakers full view
these cabinets look like they could pound out some serious thrust

total power handling is about 300 watts, which doesn’t sound like a lot but when applied correctly (and i’m sure in this case it is) 300 watts can get the police down to your house in short order. the tweeter cabinet can be tilted slightly to allow for a somewhat customized sound.

close up of speaker compartment
close up of speaker compartment

this is a four way system with a large magnet sub woofer and a very simple yet effective crossover design, providing a smooth and roomy sound.

cabinet close-er up
another view of the speaker compartments

i have no idea how much these babies cost but i can assure you its probably on the high end of ridiculous.

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