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legal stink over “pull my finger”

being an iphone owner i am privy to some of the most amazing cutting edge software technology available to human kind. no other device on the planet can emulate flatulence with such pristine clarity and definition as apple’s flagship hand held. but as you can imagine, vendors and developers in such a cutthroat market will sooner or later find themselves entangled in some kind of legalism.

InfoMedia and Air-O-Matic are two vendors who are currently squabbling in court over the typical fare: fair marketing practices and trademarks. both companies are renowned for thier success in the flatulence emulation field, and both powerhouses of posterior pronunciation have landed themselves in court over a trademarking of the phrase “pull my finger”. and other stuff, like bad marketing practices.

apparently InfoMedia is accused by Air-O-Matic of spamming and spoofing reviews, as well as using its recently trademarked phrase “pull my finger”.

i’m no legal genius, but some shit probably isn’t eligible for trademarking. i’d be surprised if Air-O-Matic got the $50,000 reward they are seeking for the trademark and damages due to the already mentioned bad practices.

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