LHB Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to build and ship one of these electric skateboards?

On average these boards take about three to four weeks to build and ship from the time they are ordered. Depending on demand, however, it can take longer, but often it takes less time.  When an order is placed, I immediately order all the components required for your build. Each one of these boards is assembled and tested by yours truly. I even press my own decks and fabricate my own components enclosures. Since I only use premium parts, sometimes builds are subject to minor delays while my vendors sort out issues with thier suppliers. The people i order my parts from are just as anal about quality as I am, so when the factories ship something not up to snuff, things can get delayed. This rarely happens though.

What kind or warranty or return policy do you offer?

All sales are final. Unless something is terribly wrong, of course. If you receive your board or other product and it malfunctions due to flawed construction, has obvious flaws that affect performance, or is otherwise not up to snuff due to mistakes I made, get in touch with me and we’ll discuss options. If it’s an issue I can’t walk you through and fix with your help, pack it up and mail it back and I’ll fix it and ship it back for free. Pretty simple. Unfortunately I can’t offer refunds if you just change your mind and don’t want it anymore. Wah wah wah.

You make your own decks? What are they made of?

Yes, I press my own decks. Seven layers of Hard Rock Maple hand made and pressed in my very own wooden hydraulic press that I also made. I didn’t CNC the mold though, I had another guy do that. If you’re interested, I made a series of blog posts detailing my adventures in creating my presses. I’m actually on my second one as my first one exploded. Enjoy the read:  building my own deck press: part 1part 2, and part 3

What ‘quality parts’ are you using exactly?

It depends on the build, of course, but generally the best performing parts I can find at the time. For example, all of the motors I use are larger brushless outrunners, 63mm and up, designed specifically for electric skateboards. While using motors designed for large RC cars or model airplanes might also work, I prefer to use parts designed for the purpose of carrying a fully grown adult at ridiculous speeds on a skateboard. Aircraft grade machined aluminum motor mounts and pulleys, Bones Reds bearings,  Caliber II trucks, custom made high capacity battery packs using Li-Ion or LiPo technologies, ABEC11 Flywheels or high quality clones, and hand crafted decks and electronics enclosures that I make myself. Enclosures are either vacuum formed ABS or Fiberglass depending on the build requirements.

Can I just buy your deck and build my own?

Of course you can! There’s nothing sweeter than tearing around on your own custom build that you worked so hard on. Scarlet is a great place to start because I designed it specifically for electric skateboards!

How do I build my own electric skateboard?

Wow. That’s a simple question with a hugely complex answer. There are so many things to consider and learn, but the journey is well worth it. Fortunately, I’m also a moderator on a forum devoted entirely to answering all facets of this question! Head over to electric-skateboard.builders and start learning all about the many things involved in selecting motors, electronic speed controllers, remote mods, pulley ratios, motor mounts, and all manner of details associated with learning how to build your own electric skateboard. There are plenty of makers on this forum and some of them even make their own custom parts to sell.

Do you really use crushed coke bottles as grip on your decks?

Yes. In fact, I wrote a whole post about it that’s pretty in depth. After reading it, you might even want to do it yourself. If done correctly, and most of the time I do things correctly, its no more hard on your hands or feet than regular grip. In fact, its actually easier on your hands when carrying a board than a lot of cheap bullshit grip out there. My bottle glass grip even passes the barefoot test. That’s when I stand on something in my bare feet to see if its annoying. Don’t worry, I don’t stand on every board in my bare feet. If i did, my customers would have funny smelling boards. Also, smashing coke bottles for grip is a way of recycling and reusing, which is bonus green points.

Do you make your own cables and adapters too?

Some of it, yes. I almost exclusively use Super Worm silicone insulated stranded wire. Its very floppy and flexible stuff and works very very well for this application. I use this stuff to make my own Y adapters to connect battery packs to more than one ESC, and also to sell the rest on my site. IF you ordered a Power Y adapter or a Signal Y adaptor, you can bet I was soldering and heat shrinking that think just minutes before I shipped it to you. Only the freshest components will do!