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lock down the data on your usb drive, literally

gadgetHer is featuring a usb drive that quite literally locks down your data. it originated on dialog05, but that site is kind of weird and any effort to find out more about the product from the source was met with denial and mystery.

padlock usb flash drive
this ought to keep them from digging through your posr stash, eh?

its not very practical, but it seems like it would be pretty effective against the average thumb drive snooper. hey, you do what you gotta do to protect your stash, right? at the moment it seems to be only in concept, and you have to be some kind of member to get into the dialog05 site. any information outside of this one photo is pretty much speculation.

hopefully at some point they’ll release some more info about it. all this mystery is making me want to buy it more. i mean really, who the hell wouldn’t want an 8 gig padlock? think of the possibilities. not only could you store pictures of the kids on it, you could use it to chain up that guy that owes you for the job you pulled last month.

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