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magenta not a color !?!1?

what was thought to be a clever title for a report on the perception of visible radiation (color) has turned into a twitter storm. Magenta Ain’t A Colour by Liz Elliot seems to have started a riot in the micro-blogosphere about magenta’s lack of existence.

unfortunately for the people who like to go around quoting titles without reading the content that follows them, there is some bad news. none of the other colors exist either.

your eyes can only perceive a range of wavelengths of radiation. it is a combination of those that our minds stack together to form colors. the sad truth is that all colors are purely a matter of perception and none of them exist outside of your mind. granted, the author of the article goes on to say that magenta is the only one that isn’t tied directly with a particular wavelength in the spectrum, but lets move past that.

i’m about to really blow your mind. sensations don’t exist either. nor do smells, tastes, or sounds.

smells are simply your minds way of interpreting the presence of a substance in the air as it is collected by the tissue under the boogers in your nose.¬† taste is even less of a truth, as the majority of it is smell. what you can’t smell of a food, your tongue fills in by detecting a few more substances, namely those responsible for sweet, salty, and a very¬† few other ones.

and sound? sound is an interpretation of air compression of all things. when an object smashes down on something else or vibrates, air is moved. that movement creates a compression wave that travels through the air and forces your eardrum, which is exposed to the air, to vibrate. the drum links up with a few other things and eventually the signal is interpreted by your brain like anything else.

moreover, you don’t exist. when my brain tries to interpret the signals it receives as a result of your presence, it fails to accurately image your stupidity. thus, the mental composition that i have come to know as you is wholly inaccurate and therefor fails to represent your existence. because existence is based wholly on both detection and perception, and i fail to detect you due to your imperceptible stupidity, you do not exist.

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