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man attempts mugging for park place

a 54 year old michigan man was playing monolopy with a female friend this past weekend when things went south faster than a paid hooker. apparently he wanted to buy into the premium real estate and while trying to convince her to hand over the park place and boardwalk for some cold hard cash, she refused. he then proceeded to smack the white off her teeth.

the rooster was hauled off and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, but the cocksucker was probably let out within a few hours.

wtf??! seriously? who bitch slaps a woman who’s willing to hang out with your old ugly ass and play board games when she could be out with the girls boozing it up and flashing her junk at construction workers? what kind of brain dead tard would snap over something like that?

unless.. of course… she said something really stupid. as we all know, it is written in the great book of man law and trailer trash guidelines that if a woman starts talking smack, you are left with no recourse but to bust her lip, buy a six pack, and go fishing. however, if you are over the age of 50 you are required to respect the lady by simply insulting her, slamming a few longnecks, and falling asleep on the recliner.

this entire incident is, of course, a gross miscarriage of man law.

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