Digital Death: Broken Album And Music Video Finally Released

Behold! I finally finished that music video I’ve been telling everyone about. You probably thought I was never going to finish it, didn’t you. Well… your face. Let me present to you the official music video for Digital Death’s Self-Destruct-O-Con. It only took me a year to make this thing. I’ve been busy! What do you want from me? Don’t forget to buy this song along with the three others from this short but very intense album. Perfect for rage skating down the bike trails on that fancy new electric skateboard I built for you. Links below the video.

Music Downloads for Broken

They’re only a buck! Free instant delivery on all music purchases! Also, full songs with visuals are available for listens on the item pages before you buy, so you know what you’re getting. Think its crap? Keep your money. I didn’t like you much anyway.

About This Album and Video

Broken was inspired almost entirely by the emotions involved in the struggle between two people trying to understand each other. This album and video speak to the fight for independence from those who would try to change you instead of embracing you. It could just as easily be about any relationship fraught with misunderstandings, control issues, and possibly even violence. To try to change someone, to make them into something you think they should be instead of fostering their own self image, will only result in suffering and pain. That kind of oppression leads only one place: imminent explosive release of energy. The music on this album is filled with that pain and energy.

This video, the music in the video, and the remaining three songs on the album Broken were written, recorded, and produced by Damon Wood under the name Digital Death. The animation in this video was shot entirely on an iPhone 5 using the Stop Motion Remote Camera app and captured and assembled on an iPhone 6 Plus using the Stop Motion app. Post production for the video was done in Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects, Creative Cloud 2015 editions. All of the music was recorded and produced in Cubase Artist 6.5.

Its important to understand that I did all of this myself. I’m not saying that because i’m some kind of genius insomniac who is better than all of you. It is important because it clearly demonstrates what kind of things are possible with the tools that are currently available at reasonable prices to anyone. An older version of Cubase Artist from Amazon, an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, two phones (one of which is my every day phone, the other is my retired every day phone), $100 at Micheals, some scrap wood, spray paint, old toys from a yard sale, and some legos. Add to that some imagination, inspiration, determination, late nights, back aches, and occasional fussing over free time, and you get what we have here. Something that came completely out of my head and found its way to YouTube.

All of that is to say that if you want to accomplish something, get off your ass and do it. You’re the only one in your way. I hope this video and music inspires someone out there to make something wonderful that they’ve been thinking about and not doing for way too long.