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no more linux on the PS3

the new ps3 slim has been announced and it looks like it will be available for purchase at some point in early september. there are some pretty good comparison shots available that show the differences between the new slim unit and the older, larger unit. there is also talk about new and missing features.

the slim unit really isn’t that much smaller than the older one. its just as deep, almost as wide and seems to be only about the half the height. you won’t be gaining any real amount of shelf space by switching. functionally the units are identical except for a couple of things: no option to load a different os, and some new proprietary bravia sync stuff that somehow allows you to control certain aspects of your tv, if you happen to have a bravia.

this really sucks. i don’t personally use the optional os feature much, but i did explore it and i was running a copy of yellow dog on it for some time. i even went so far as to try and aquire a copy of the new amiga os to see if i could get it on there, but i soon became distracted with half life 2.

i’m not sure what the point of this is. why go through the trouble of removing an option that in the minds of geeks everywhere added a lot of experimental value? are they worried about hacks? re-purposing? are they tired of helping out the open source community? do they just hate linux?

i’m a huge sony fan, and as long as they keep making superior hardware i will be. in other departments, however, sony is lacking. they make a lot of bad and seemingly pointless decisions on a pretty regular basis. the whole ps3 line is a fine example of that. first they give us backwards compatibility with ps3 games, then they take it away. they ran through what seems like a few dozen hard drive sizes, and wtf is playstation home? nevermind the fact that they can’t keep anything to themselves. i think they deliberately hire press leaks.

all that being said, i’m going to hang on to my 60 gig unit for a while. probably until the ps4 comes out.

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