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one step closer to futuristic cybernetic implants

image from ghost in the shell
one day synthetic bodies like the one here from Ghost in the Shell won't be so science fictiony

scientists have figured out a way to bring electronics and the nerves in the human body a little closer. a new transistor has been developed that uses both organic and man made components in a manner that will potentially allow devices to interface directly with our own biological electrical system. the possibilities here are endless.

artificial organs, insulin pumps, monitors, artificial limb control, and a number of other areas could really benefit from this technology. everyone from diabetics to veteran amputees could have their lives made easier because of these advancements. imagine a person with no legs being able to walk again in a more natural way because his prosthetic legs are behaving more like his own did, or a person who lost their arms being able to paint again with newer more responsive limbs.

but what about elective limb or organ replacement? science fiction has taught us that one day we’ll be able to buy better organs than our own, replace our arms and legs with stronger ones, interface directly with machines and computers by installing ports on our heads or necks, even have our brains removed and installed in special cases that keep it alive and allow you to use entirely synthetic bodies. if we’re really able to interface directly with the nervous system, this type of thing could become a reality; barring any political resistance, of course.

i’m totally all about robotic arms and shit. this is one step closer to my dream of becoming just like general greivous, or batou from ghost in the shell.

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