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onlive: cloud gaming

holy shit i just crapped my pants. in fact, i’m still crapping my pants as i write this. I just watched the most insane tech demo i’ve ever seen. apparently some extremely well bred geeks have found a way to take all the expensive bits out of the way for broke ass gamers. until now, if you wanted to  play the latest games, you needed the latest hardware. this may mean a $300 or $400 console or some pc upgrades costing just as much or more. this is no longer the case.

onlive has developed a gaming system that completely eliminates the need for you to buy expensive high end hardware to play the latest cutting edge titles. harnessing the power of geek magic, they have developed a system that allows you to play the game on thier uber expensive and massively powerful computer network. all you have to do is either download and install a plugin for your web browser to play on your pc or mac or aquire a micro console the size of my phone to play on your tv.

apparently the game is actually running on thier systems miles and miles away. using either the micro console or the pc or mac, all you are doing is sending it your mouse and keyboad or controller signals. the game actually renders all of its video into a stream that is fed back to you. seems like it would be laggy, but its not. they have been hiding under a rock developing this sytem for the last 7 years or more and according to the press conference, its blazingly fast and practically instantaneous. its as if you are playing the game right on your own computer or consle, but your not.  the demonstration they give at the demo has them playing the game 50 miles from thier servers where the game is actually running.

i’ve already signed up for the beta tester program. i think i have a shot at it since i’m living in 7-15 meg cable country in central florida. they have to show some love for the east side.

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  1. onlive is sick. i signed up for the beta test program. maybe i’ll get a free early trial. 🙂

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