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playstation phone rumors

playstation phone mockup
playstation phone mockup, courtesy

it looks like sony is getting into the gaming phone business, and if the rumors are true, this could be an exercise in total badassery. the image above is a mockup engadget so brilliantly put together to show us what it might look like based on the information they have. people who have actually seen the device say its rather sexy, so i’m sure the mock-up is a bit on the crude side in comparison. i can’t really say that i’ve ever owned a sony product that didn’t seem sexy; they usually ooze highenditude.

sony-erricsson’s latest masterpeice-in-the-works is described as being a landscape slider with game controls instead of the standard micro-chicklet QWERTY keyboard we usually see on sliders. the controls will include a d-pad, the usual four playstation buttons, and some type of touch pad between them in place of the sticks. the phone portion will likely also have the usual android phone buttons. the screen is said to be of decent size, as much as 4 inches.

a five megapixel digital camera, 1ghz snapdragon processor, and a stack based on android 3 should make the device pretty damn cool, not to mention pretty familiar to a lot of existing android owners. games will be distributed through a whole new android marketplace for games, and will probably include titles from both the psp as well as the playstation 1 and 2. i’m already looking forward to playing twisted metal on a phone.

so is all of this just a load of crap? probably not. engadget has a habit of being correct about the rumors they report. hell, they managed to get their grubby hands on an iphone4 prototype. if it does check out, and this device is released in october as rumored, then i may be paying a rather large early termination fee. so what kind of features would it take to get the longhairedboy to shelf his iphone4 and get this shiny new toy? here’s a list of features i would need to switch:

  • battery life. i better get more than a few hours out of this thing.
  • access to the battery. i’d like to be able to replace it if i need to
  • tons of apps, and android has them so it shouldn’t be a problem
  • tons of kickass games, this also shouldn’t be much of a problem if licensing doesn’t become some bizarre debacle
  • gmail, gtalk, twitter, facebook, and all of the usual shit. this is also probably not going to be a problem
  • a solid still camera with auto focus that also shoots at least 720p video, and is good in low light. sorry, but apple has me spoiled with its badass cam in the iphone4
  • syncing with my playstation 3. i should be able to move music, video, and games (or at least their purchase information) on and off of this thing with my ps3. transcoding video from an iphone4 to get it to play on a ps3 is nothing short of a huge pain in the ass
  • a reasonable price point. ~$250 with a contract is about the most i’ll pay for a phone, especially if i have an etf to deal with when making the switch.
  • some kind of removable/upgradable storage, like a micro sd card or something

for now though, its a waiting game. there is a lot of speculation suggesting that there will be delays or that sony might make the typical business decisions that get their customers rather irritated. i guess we’ll soon see.

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