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predators to begin alien hunt in guatamala

tunnel to the alien breeding chamber
predators create a tunnel to the alien breeding chamber

what was thought to be a sinkhole that tragically appeared weeks ago in guatamala is actually a tunnel created by orbiting predator ships.

predator ships have begun tunneling through the earth’s crust in guatamala in an effort to uncover an ancient temple containing an automatic breeding chamber of an alien species. the chamber will undoubtedly be activated and used to produce more aliens for the predators to hunt while another temple under the antarctic ice is repaired.

damage to the antarctic location resulted from a previous alien hunting event that took place in 2004. the damages incurred during this event were said to be in the millions of dollars. repairs may not be completed until late 2012, according to one weyland industries employee.

predator officials in orbit have made no mention of plans to seek human volunteers for use in the alien breeding chamber. officials declined to speculate on human resource allocation and other details when asked, although the natures of the alien breeding process does make volunteers unlikely.

film crews have begun to arrive in preparation for the event, and authorities have already begun securing a perimeter to keep onlooker casualties to a minimum. details concerning release dates or production schedules for the event’s release on blu-ray and other formats as well as television broadcasts are yet to be announced.

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