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ps3 consoles failing on a global scale

the intarwebs are exploding this morning with stories of people’s ps3 consoles locking them out over some weird type of connection issue. online and offline play seems to be affected, which leads me to believe its not entirely an issue restricted to the playstation network or connectivity to it.

sony is working to resolve the issue, and i’m sure they’ll have it all resolved soon enough. but what the hell is actually happening? this whole debacle raises a lot of questions.

why isn’t it affecting everyone? apparently it affects a lot of people, but its not completely universal. i havn’t seen the black screen of death featuring error code 8001050F yet and i’m sure there are others who have not as well.

sony claims that they have reports that the slims are connecting normally.  specifically, they claim that the newer 120/250 gig slims seem to be connecting fine. i don’t own a slim. i prefer the heavily polished monolith to its cheaper looking counterpart. however, i’m still connecting normally. does this mean that it might be a regional issue?

does the size of the hard drive have some affect on the issue? the main differences between the polished monoliths and the knock off looking slims are the drive capacity, form factor, and slight changes to the software.  i upgraded my drive to a 500 gig seagate momentus. its unlikely, but does that have anything at all to do with it?

could this possibly be some bizarre kind of console drm gone wrong? the whole point of owning a console is so that you don’t have to deal with the bullshit pc games make you put up with. bullshit including but not limited to having to maintain an always on connection to the internet in order to play. hopefully this isn’t some kind of new fangled dialing home code gone awry.

at the moment, all sony is telling us is that they’re working on it and will let everyone know when they find a resolution. in the meantime, you can follow them on twitter: @Sony/sony-playstation and @sony

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