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rare beasts’ wicks looper – acid mix makes very fast (and weird) noise loops

maker’s market is home to all kinds of awesome finds, and this is no exception. rare beasts has come up with a synth module that fits in the palm of your hand and generates loops of.. well.. weirdness.

fits in the palm of your hand and makes all kinds of weirdness happen

if you want to make some electronic noise, this is the tool to do it. the wicks looper – acid mix features controls for speed, frequency, and a write button that allows you to put the sound into memory for looping. check out this video:

i can totally see using this to create some wicked industrial basslines. at $119 its not quite the kind of thing you just buy on a whim, but if your sound is missing that angry death robot vibe, you might want to drop the cash on it.

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