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recording licks on your phone

iPhones are the greatest thing since milla jovovich. seriously. i’ve had mine for a while now and i’ve been using it for damn near everything but talking. when i first got it i was amazed at all the music apps available for it, like the piano, the guitar, and the ocharina. most recently what’s had me excited is the damned useful power tuner. Its literally a guitar tuner on my phone, and it works as good if not better than the one i’ve been using. especially considering that my current guitar tuner can’t check my mail or find a store that sells d’addario 9’s or help me properly float my tremolo.

the tuner is amazing, but i found another gem that will actually keep me from forgetting thos kick ass licks i come up with when freestyling over a beat. iphone recorder is freaking amazing. i initially got it to take audio notes when i had an idea, but the other night i decided to try recording some guitar on it. i didn’t get crazy or anything, i just set the phone on top of my amp and hit the record button. i was shocked at how well it came out. obviously its not as good as sticking a shure in front of the speaker and ripping it to disk at 24/96 but it was way better than i expected and is definately good enough to listen back to when i’m recording a new song and want to recall that kick ass thing i did last week over that whacked out trip-hop beat i made up in reason.

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