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rise of the rookery

anyone reading the news can draw the obvious conclusion that there has been a recent rash of planes being taken out by the original inhabitants of the skies. the famous captain who landed his airbus on the hudson river was lucky to keep his crew and cargo alive. the hawk that took out the sikorsky helicopter near morgan city, louisiana, however, was successful in his suicide bombardment and managed to kill 8 of the 9 people on board.

a biologist in seattle seems to think that using a combination of annoying sounds and radar will keep the raging rookery at bay, but that’s not going to do much in the way of stopping them. they want us out of the sky. they want us to pay. the rise of the rookery has begun.

forget about the terrorists and thier warped religio-political ideals and agendas. forget about the zealots and the psychos and the bent politicians. we’ve been so wrapped up in ourselves and meeting our own ends that we’ve neglected to notice the beginnings of one of the most destructive rampages ever set in motion by another species.

they are in the sky, good people. they are up there waiting for you to get on that plane and go about your business as if you belong up there. as if you had wings. as if you somehow earned the right the join them in sharing thier birthright. they are up there waiting for the opportunity to sacrifice themselves for thier cause. they will take you out one flight at a time until we are amidst chaos and despair.

they’re done shitting on our cars. they want burning twisted wreckage and blood.

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