LHB Scarlet complete electric skateboard
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Complete Electric Skateboard on LHB Scarlet Deck


Lots of options to choose from! Tell me what you want, and I’ll build it. Each one is built to order, so please allow a lead time of up to four weeks before shipping.

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Product Description

Tell me what you want, and I’ll build it onto a brand new LHB Scarlet deck.  Each one is built to order by hand, so please allow a lead time of up to eight weeks before shipping. To get started, select your power system and wheels. Once I have your order, I’ll gather all the parts and put it together, test it, crate it up and ship it to your door. It’s that easy! Once your order is placed, email me using the contact form and tell me if you want it in a different color or have something special in mind for it. I build custom rigs here, so if you want different color stains and wheels, want regular black grip, or need the top speed limited or anything else, lets talk! Also feel free to contact me with any questions you have about these boards in general.

I use only the finest ingredients such as Enertion drive components, Bones REDS bearings, Caliber II trucks, Samsung battery cells, Ollin motor controllers, and all Flywheel clones are the finest clones I can get my hands on and come in a variety of colors.

Not to mention I press my own decks out of Hard Rock Maple! Scarlet is one of my originals. When you receive your new ride, it will be the sickest steezy stick you ever stood on. Just make sure to wear a helmet because these boards are tuned to be fast! Electricity is cheap, so why go all economical when you can wall your balls and blow through the bike lane like Han Solo on Biff Tannen’s Bulldog?

Each unit is sold with a rock solid 2.4 GHz steez remote for extra reliability.

Additional Information

Dimensions 48 x 12 x 6 in


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