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sony unveils new motion controller… again.. sort of

sony has a new product called the ps3 move, which is a high precision motion controller that allows gameplay similar to that of the wii. its shaped sort of like a microphone with a glowy ball on one end. unveiled at the game developers conference in san francisco, it was met with some pretty good reactions.

sony's ps3 move controller
sony's ps3 move controller and subcontroller

the demonstration games used to show off its features included sports and combat type gameplay featuring playstation 3’s trademark awesome graphics. but all this looks very familiar to me, and not because of what the wii has been doing for a few years now.

i seem to recall that a couple years back somebody developed this exact product and then was quickly snatched up by sony. unfortunately i can’t find the release i read stating this, so i can’t say who it was or at what conference they were showing it. regardless, i know we’ve seen this before.

at any rate, the ps3 move will be packaged with an eye and a game so you’ll be able to get everything you need to check it out in one box. will i be getting this? probably. i already have the bd remote, a dualshock 3, a regular sixaxis, and the tiny little controller mounted wireless keyboard. so far i’ve had absolutly no use for the ps3 eye, but it looks like i will soon enough.

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