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sony: You can turn your PS3 on now!

the tweet went out from sony around 7 ish last noght that they fixed the problem.  we can all get back to our gaming now. apparently the issue was that in the software on the older systems, 2010 was listed as a leap year. in effect, this made it behave sort of like the  y2k bug was supposed to 10 years ago but didn’t. now we know how bad it could have been.

given the fact that the slim models were unaffected, its pretty clear now that the software on the two hardware types is not the same. it seems like they aren’t even share the same core code, but that is just speculation.

because of the timing of the events and my schedule, i still never experienced any of these issues. i was able to sign in with no problems. i wasn’t playing games though, i was mostly listening to music and watching jack bauer save the world from imminent terrorist threats. however its good to know that i can get back to assassin’s creed 2 and murder conspirators of my own when i get a chance.

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