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street headphones are all kinds of loud

brian garret shuur has created the ultimate customizable headphone experience.

street headphones
they look kind of crazy, and they match my website

these headphones are built one at a time using a rapid manufacturing technique involving all kinds of cool shit like lasers and polymides. because they are built that way, you can have whatever you want put on the headband, and no one will ever have a pair exactly like yours.

street headphones
yeah, but what do they sound like?

you can drop the insane amount of cash for brian’s cutting edge headphones at freedom of creation. they’ll run you about € 837.82, which as of this posting is $1,141.13. expect about ten weeks for delivery.

they look really cool, and are customizable, and might even be comfortable. but at that price, what the hell do they sound like? do they have decent drivers? what kind of frequency response? what size is the plug? i wasn’t able to find any answers to these questions, so if you know anything, leave a comment.

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