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streetwars: live action internet social gaming?

so what happens when you take one of those facebook mafia/hitman type games and bring it to the real world? you get streetwars. you get grown people running around the sreets fragging each other with water pistols. you get women hiding in your apartment waiting for you to come through the door so they can wet you. people stalk you at home and at work waiting for the right opportunity “kill” you as they have been instructed.

the game is organized on the internet but played in real life. the assassin gets the paperwork on their target which includes a picture and some contact details. at that point, the hitter has a time frame in which the mark must be taken out. if the target isn’t taken out in that time, you lose. the player must hunt down, stalk, find an opportunity, and wet thier target with a water gun all while being hunted themselves by other assassins. members of the “shadow government” keep tabs on the game play until the end when they become the targets.

if this sounds intense, it is. in this video, chica was digging through dude’s trash and performing feats of social engineering just so she could get into her target’s apartment building and wait for four hours. he arrived home only to find himself soaked with a plastic pistol and out of the game.

yeah it sounds nerdy, and reminds me a little of when those dungeons and dragons geeks used to dress up like wizards and weirdos in the park. but it also sounds like a lot of fun and i might be tempted to play if it came to my city. you can find out more at

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