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tc electronic: tune all your strings at once

tc electronic seems to think that tuning one string at a time is for wussies and teh noobz. after reading about the polytune, i have to admit i agree with them.

tc electronic's polytune
tc electronic's polytune is the creme de la badass

way back in the old days, we had to tune each string using a painfully slow process involving some kind of rack mount or iphone app tuner that made us do each string one at a time. this stomp box style guitar tuner allows you to strum all the strings at once and see which ones need a peg twisted.

this never before achieved technology is.. well.. bad ass. i can only imagine the headaches this would solve while fighting with the floating tremolo on my axe. the polytune provides an instant readout on all your strings with each strum. it even supports bass guitar as well as dropped tunings from e flat all the way down to b with an accuracy of plus or minus one cent.

features listed include multiple modes including monopoly mode, storage of your preferences, solid construction, 17 led display and the standard signal bypass option. at $149 its not exactly an impulse buy, but it seems well worth the money.

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