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the ipad: most abused product of 2010, popular with cats

if the cat likes it, we're good to go.

apple’s latest toy has proven to be wildly popular. with over a million sales in its first month alone, its pretty clear that everyone wants one. its also pretty clear that people like to destroy them. personally, i would be perfectly willing to blow tons of money on a new device only to have it find the business end of a hammer, but i don’t have the mad bank to toss aside with such reckless abandon. so instead of going on for days about how great a device the ipad is, or how many have been sold, or how many apps are available, or what high grade precision guts apple shoved into it, lets discuss the myriad ways one can smash it to shiney little bits.

lets start off with how we can turn one into a small skateboard and ride a vert ramp with it, shall we? the lunatics over at fuel tv have put together an excellent instructional video on how to do just this:

i have to confess that these guys are pretty amazing. i would have had a lot more trouble dropping in than that. not a lot of room for your feet on that thing. hey guys, get back with me when you have video of somebody air walking that thing, or maybe of somebody perfectly executing a kick flip, ok? craziness.

lets also not forget about the kids that went out on day one to acquire their new toy only to pound the glass into sand with a bat. these kids are going to grow up to be engineers, scientists, or maybe just geeky thugs with bats. its hard to tell at this point, but the video is very clear about what bats and ipads can do for a good time:

rather anti-climatic if you ask me, but very very effective. geeks with money will smash things, this we already know. what we don’t know, is if it will blend. well, of course Blendtec was right there to give us this information as soon as they had the answer:

amazing. over $500 of electronics reduced to a smoldering toxic pile of dust with the push of a button. its hard to beat that kind of entertainment without a higher budget. however, i’d sort of like to see if steve jobs would turn into a pile of toxic dust if he was shoved into a blender. will steve jobs blend? we may never know. but one thing we have discovered, is how wildly popular the ipad is with cats:

iggy is apparently a technologically savvy feline with a finer sense of what’s what. after all, cats reserve the right to dismiss your new toy with an aloof bit of disgust and disappointment in you. that’s generally the reaction you get from them on just about anything not related to food, sleep, or inconveniencing you in some way. rarely do we receive the pleasure of their cooperation or approval. this of course leads me to only one logical conclusion: steve jobs is a cat in a man suit. there, i said it.

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