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the new sony handheld will slap your grandma

the new sony handheld, ready to slap your grandma

so i woke up this morning and saw that ars technica had announced what they found out about the new sony hand held. i’m not going to bother with reciting the specs again here (they did a great job of that on ars), but i will say that they indicate nothing short of overpowered grandma slapping awesomeness. this is a serious piece of hardware of the caliber we have come to expect from sony. some are even claiming that we’ll be able to play the same kinds of games that we are playing on our ps3s. that says a lot.

the games are supposedly going to be delivered on flash memory of some format or another, so the decision to ditch the optical drives in the older PSP systems has been made. that’s good news for battery life. so with the possibility of lengthy usage times, the obvious horsepower that they crammed into this thing, a physical media format that can scale usefully with time, and the amazing design decisions such as the rear panel touch pad, what could possibly go wrong?

sony could go wrong. sony is famous for its bizarre business decisions. i could go on for pages about the awkward weirdness they’ve forced on their customers over the years, but i won’t. suffice to say that at some points i strongly feel as if they deliberately mess with us and that their entire organization is a government funded social experiment. PSP Go. need i say more?

what i want to see from this product more than specs capable of separating me from my money is full playstation network integration. specifically, full playstation store integration. and by integration, i mean i want to be able to download things i’ve already purchased.

for example, my favorite game in the universe is super stardust hd. its possibly the most addictive two stick shooter i’ve ever laid thumbs on. since i’ve already paid for it, i should be able to download the version for this new hand held and not have to shell out another fist of cash. and what about the legacy games on the playstaion store? will it play everything on the store? will it play games i bought for my Go (haha, no really)? and what about the old UMD based PSP games? will there be any kind of trade in program or anything like that? that last bit is hopeless wishful thinking, but we can still ask.

not to mention the price. nothing about the price has been released yet. if this thing costs more than a Move bundle, we may have a riot on our hands. i have my suspicions that this is going to hit retail at around $300, but we’ll have to wait and see.  being a new sony product, the announcement will be met with the usual groans as they introduce us to the new way they’ve found to mess with our heads.

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