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this shit is hard, yo!

this shit is hard, yo
you know what? this shit is hard, so i hear ya

knotworkshop has made it very clear that this shit ain’t easy, so either drop the $10 on this kickass mug cozy or walk your happy ass on. here’s the quote:

Why is this cozy $10? Read it. Why did it take me so long to make it? Read it. Really. This s**t is f***ing hard. You think I came out of the box knowing how to do this s**t?

i feel ya. the shop owner goes on to elaborate about precisely what’s hard about doing promotions and running a craft store on etsy for living. its not easy. creating a brand sucks, but if you bust your ass long enough, you could end up with enough dough rolling in to support your craft and maybe pay some bills.

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