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tow truck goes for a swim

wow. every once in a while a real act of evolutionary genius comes along that makes you wish people were in fact slightly smarter than the devices they are using.

a lockport, ny tow truck driver found himself a little too connected to the digital world when he slammed into a car, then a fence, then a house, then dove the truck and its payload into a pool.

some old lady and kid were mildly injured, but that’s a lot less interesting than how the dipshit tow truck driver found himself in the wet stuff. apparently he felt the need to talk on the phone and text on a totally different phone, while he was tailgaiting another vehicle.

normally i would encourage this kind of technological mayhem because personally i believe that we should all be able to do seventeen completely unrelated tasks instead of focusing on just the one critical task at hand that gives us a paycheck so we can not die a horrible death in flaming twisted metal.

however, in this particular situation, somebody’s perfectly manicured yard and nicely laid out swimming pool were damaged. this is completely unacceptable. i happen to own a pool, and i can tell you from experience: the kind of chemicals required to freshen up the water after a flatbed chevy went for a swim in it are expensive. not to mention the pain in the ass it will be getting all that tow truck driver funk out of the filter.

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