Posted on – wtf?
my head hurts just thinking about it

start pages, aggregation services, and portals have been around since the dawn of the clickable link. everybody seems to think they can drag you into their goofy service and that you’ll somehow be a better person for it. is no exception to this rule. they just seem to be rocking it like the angelfire days.

when i was looking for something to manage my tweetses and book faces and mail googles, i came across something so bright and pastel horrid that i actually reached for a spoon to dig out my eyes and end the suffering. that was hootsuite. this is worse than that. this is uglier and far less useful.

my recommendation is to simply not visit the site. in fact if you have a firewall or some other kind of site blocker, add it to the black list. using a site like this is probably something an optometrist would warn against, along with staring at the sun with a telescope or falling face first into a bucket of forks.

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