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woman steals boobies

according to the orange county register(ca) a woman hooked herself up with some free boobies and lypo after opening up a line of credit in somebody else’s name. she then skipped town after ripping some poor bastard off for the $12,000 procedure. naturally she didn’t show for the follow up visits.

oddly enough she turned herself in only to be released on $20,000 bail. she’s most likely going to be charged with commercial theft and fraud and all kinds of other fake id related bookings but somehow I doubt that they will make her give the boobies back.

there is no real justice here. if this woman is to truly pay for this crime she should be made to give the boobies to whomever actually ended up dealing with the debt. if it was my name she used, I’d want those boobies in a glass box next to my tv with a plaque explaining the entire ordeal and a tear stained picture of the thieving vixen post removal.

now that I have my trophy boobs, I want her to go dig up the fat they sucked out of her and find a doctor willing to put it back where they got it. leaving her scared up, broke, as fat as she was to begin with and in jail for a decade might just be the justice called for.

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