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xbox 360 usb storage out. and lame.

xbox 360
the 360, in all its glory... or something.

microsoft just released an update that will allow you to use usb storage devices with your xbox 360. sounds awesome, right? now you don’t have to order an over priced hard drive module, right? sure. if all you need is an extra 16 gigs. for whatever reason, microsoft doesn’t feel like letting you use any more than that, even if the thumb drive is much, much larger than that. after all, if you’re really interested in increasing your capacity, you can just buy an overpriced hard drive module and deal with the hassle of backup and recovery and transferring stuff.

well maybe all i need is 16 gigs or less. how easy is it? all you have to do is go out and buy a thumb drive that’s more than 1 gig but not more than 16. then you can just plug it into your xbox and start the setup process. oh yeah, there’s a setup process. apparently it has to do some kind of partitioning or something. you can’t just use the stick as is off the shelf. its also worth mentioning that the stick you bought might not be the best one for this, because some will perform better than others. in fact, to avoid all of this hassle, microsoft was kind enough to have sandisk build us an xbox 360 usb drive that will let us skip the whole ugly setup process.

if this is an attempt to make the 360 a bit more competitive in the console market, its lame. lame, but not all that surprising. microsoft has a long history of weird restrictions and other nonsensical schemes when it comes to the console and its related services. you can get more inifo at the faq.

2 thoughts on “xbox 360 usb storage out. and lame.

  1. Do you plan to keep this site updated? I sure hope so… its great!

  2. Yes, that is true, I agree with you, but I am not sure if there are no other options.

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