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xcm black light xbox360 case makes your factory case look lame

i don’t currently own an xbox360, but if i did, i would definitely mod it with this case. compared to the xcm black light case, the stock 360 case looks pretty lame. take a look at these pics:

black light case with red lights
i think the red lighting is my favorite

the lights rotate colors slowly, and there’s a switch that allows you to keep it on the color of your choosing or turn them off altogether.

black light case in bluey-green
black light case in bluey-green. you can see the clear fan shroud.

the installation process only takes about 15 minutes. full instructions can be found here.

black light case on green
here it is standing up with the lights glowing green

these cases can be had for about $90 over at along with tons of other mods for the 360. now if i could just find some kickass mod case for my ps3…

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