Arc Boards and LHB: Send me your broken and tired

Something amazing is happening in Singapore. Somebody has taken the electric penny idea very seriously and has produced something wonderful: an electric penny with a wooden deck, decent hardware, proven motors and a VESC based ESC and even mounted it all on RKP trucks with the familiar Caliber II profile. 

The result of that combination of things is a super portable, tiny yet very stable, not to mention rather fast electric skateboard.Arc Board, You now have my eternal affection. I was so smitten by this tiny thing that i immediately had to pit it against my own electric penny, which is a grossly over powered 12S 3000 watt death machine that's hardly ridable. I prefer the Arc Board unless i'm just trying to brandish my chest hair.

All of that leads me to the interesting bit: I'm now doing any and all warranty repairs for Arc Boards that are sold in the US. So now if it breaks, and its covered by warranty, i'll be the one to fix it for you and you won't have to send it all the way back to the fine folks in Singapore.

You're welcome.  


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