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This board. It turned out to be one of my finest works, but it took two and a half months to build and drained all of my resources in the process, leaving me in the hole for the next four commissions I have in the works. What happened? Why did it take so long? Its kind of a long story, so I’ll cover the highlights as best I can.

First, a little about the build. This one was a pretty straightforward custom complete featuring fire orange stain with blue accents. The deck is fire orange with a true blue grip area and crushed SKYY Vodka bottle glass as the grit. Orange phase leads in an orange wire channel sealed in with West 105/207 as i usually do, and a water based crytal clear polyurethane to lock in the grip and really make those wire channels pop. The clear coat locking in the grip on top of the blue stain really gave it a jewel like finish that was probably the most beautiful finish I’ve done yet. The box was sprayed with husqvarna orange which was virtually and exact match for the stain. Blue wheels, blue phase leads on the motors, and blue truck bolts  round out the blue accent theme rather nicely. Finally, the power plant is nothing to laugh at with a 12S4P 10Ah 430 watt hour battery pack pushing twin Ollin VESCs on twin 6355 Enertion R-SPEC motors at a 15/36 pulley ratio. This board is very, very fast if you want it to be (read: 35mph + ). It also has an absurd 25 mile-ish range when cruising at more sane speeds below 18mph.

But I almost didn’t get it finished. When I finally received all the parts and had built my battery pack, i started wiring the pack together and somehow managed to short the BMS and burn up some traces. No biggie, i’ll order another one and borrow one from another build to get this one done, right? Not so fast! Wiring in the vedder spark switch I ordered for this build led me to discover that the spark switch was bad too, so I contacted the vendor and they gladly replaced it with an earlier flier type spark switch that i’ve used in the past with much success. I went ahead and ordered two more for my next two builds because that made sense at the time. After all, I had used these before and i knew they were a good solution.  Time went by and they showed up in the mail, so i went about testing them. All three of them failed into the ON position. I started getting worried, so i thought about it and figured maybe this was a good time to try a different BMS with a built in power switch, so i ordered a sample of three units from BesTech which all turned out to be bad. They all failed to turn the system on via the built in e-switch. Does it get any worse? Yes. At this point i decided to check everything else and find out who else owes me money. First thing i did was plug in the 12S fast charger i got from Battery Supports. It immediately caught fire because the built in voltage detection failed.

Finally after furiously instagramming all my people and getting some assistance from the customer who knows a guy, i managed to get a couple of working flier type e-switches from Miami Electric Boards. How convenient! an e-skate shop in my home state who actually tests his products. When they arrived I dropped one in the box and viola! Box powered on. Using an extra fast charger i was able to get the pack charged up with no issue. All that was left was to fully assemble and street test this orange and blue steeze missile.

So the rain lets up, the streets dry quickly in the Florida heat and we’re out on the smooth pavement ready to test this beast. I stand on the board and hit the throttle, and immediately realize something is up with the remote signal. It was dropping signal and any time i held the remote over my head the board would start coasting, or stop braking, or lurch oddly as it received and processed a delayed or intermittent signal. WTF!

So back to the bench where I installed a different receiver and promptly began testing the throttle while walking away from the board as far as I could. The new unit worked as expected and i was finally done with this money pit build. Afterwards street testing proved to be successful and uneventful, which is just the way I like it. The board was very fast, very stable, handled like a dream while cornering and was absolutely gorgeous.  I then packed up this monster along with a free tool kit and t-shirt and it finally made its way to Missouri where the new owner has been kind enough to instagram pics of her in the wild. 

Table Rock state park Branson Missouri #tablerock #electricskateboard A photo posted by Jason Sloan (@menwaylo) on



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